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Live on Amazon!

A Gorgeous Mess is live!

A GORGEOUS MESS Release Date 2/26/15!

I have a release date for A GORGEOUS MESS--February 26, 2015!  Meanwhile, Jan (The Great) Bowles has made me up some bitchin' graphics.

And if you're not already coming, cumon down my my Facebook party that Thursday!


How those glorious words ring in my ears!  (Or maybe that was the excess of heavy metal music when I was a kid.)  The End, The End!  I have just written The End to A Gorgeous Mess, Book #2 in THE BENT ZEALOTS MC series.

Here are a few of the final sentences.

<<I knew then that I was already home.I had returning from overseas confused, a muddled mess of a man.I had started on a journey for my father, accidentally gaining so much more.
                Way more than I’d bargained for.  And that was fine with me.>>
I've heard from Red Poppy, and I'm supposed to have a reasonable facsimile of a cover later today to upload on Goodreads.
Here are a few of the main characters in A GORGEOUS MESS.

I am sad to see them go, but they will be in my heart forever...