A LONG CON is live!

A LONG CON has arrived!  It's on Goodreads and Bookbub too!

A LONG CON is almost here!

The next in the BENT ZEALOTS MC series will be here in March!

The true story of a giant fake.
BERKELEY.I didn’t want to leave New York and return to Rough and Ready, the scene of so much youthful horror.Who else would help my mother, the queen of all hoarders, her garbage piles of home shopping network crap, her mummified cats?Discovering my one-month-old twin in the freezer was the crowning glory.On top of it all, someone breaks in and steals our silverware.What.The.Fuck. I’m out for blood. ROYAL.I was just a former WWE wrestler with a traumatic brain injury running small-time hustling ops when the most chiseled stud I’ve ever beheld comes tearing into a Bent Zealots party.Berkeley’s chasing my runner who has stolen his forks and knives, so I take him aside to soothe him.Soon we’re in his bedroom between stacks of junk, the walls adorned with his talented, stunning paintings.And we’re locked in a compromising position. The brain injury gave me an immunity to fear.The only thing I’m terri…

MAKING HIS BONES finally makes it to Amazon!

MAKING HIS BONESis finally here!  My wonderful tale of a sweet, uncomplicated actor from LA falling for a tough as nails forensic geneticist is here.

The party’s not over ‘til you smile for the mugshot.
Gray Whaley has returned to Pure and Easy, the scene of childhood horror, and the safety of his old friends, The Bare Bones MC.  He’s fed up with the trivial, superficial LA scene where he emceed a reality show and modeled for perverts.  He wants to get back to basics.
When a Bare Boner is arrested by the FBI for an old murder, Gray falls in with Elektra Spinoza, the hot, dark forensic geneticist who made it all happen with her infallible DNA science.  Gray is smitten, and determines to help Elektra track down the killer of her daughter a decade ago.
With the assistance of half-breed shepherd Galileo Taliwood, Mexican drug mule Tiago, and a team of hotshot “hacktivists” headed by Tobiah Weingarten, Gray and Elektra plunge toward their destiny with the unknown.  A church pastor is using kid…