How those glorious words ring in my ears!  (Or maybe that was the excess of heavy metal music when I was a kid.)  The End, The End!  I have just written The End to A Gorgeous Mess, Book #2 in THE BENT ZEALOTS MC series.

Here are a few of the final sentences.

<<I knew then that I was already home.  I had returning from overseas confused, a muddled mess of a man.  I had started on a journey for my father, accidentally gaining so much more.
                Way more than I’d bargained for.  And that was fine with me.>>

I've heard from Red Poppy, and I'm supposed to have a reasonable facsimile of a cover later today to upload on Goodreads.

Here are a few of the main characters in A GORGEOUS MESS.

Anson Dineyazzie, former overseas mercenary
Brick Mantooth, aimless Navajo teen who gets swept up in working for the cartel

Ormond Tangier, special FX makeup artist and badge slut

I am sad to see them go, but they will be in my heart forever...