MAHALIA: I didn’t want to be born. Something went wrong along the way, and I’ve been unsure about my purpose on this earth ever since. If I was hit by a car, if I fell off a cliff, would anyone care? Living in Cornucopia with my sister wives under the watchful eye of our husband, Allred Lee Chiles, has turned me into a robot, unable to feel or think for myself. I’ve been looking through a cloudy glass, not trusting myself or others. 

But a man came down from the mountains. I’m captivated by Gideon Fortunati, his name expressing all that he is—keeper of my fate, master of reality, teacher of my future. Gideon’s purifying power has enlightened me about my capabilities. I don’t have to let The Prophet take my daughter and marry her off to that old man. I was guilty of dirt and sin, but I can take my life back now. 

GIDEON: I was exiled to this godforsaken wasteland in Utah by our MC Prez. My entire existence has been a struggle, a futile tirade against my maker. I ranted against my fate, and in answer I was sent Mahalia. A naive victim of that twisted false Mormon sect leader. He’s tried to mangle her like a spineless puppet, like he has all the other women—the other girls. 

Before I met her, I was a child. Now I’ve given up childish ways, and I can see everything in a mirror, face to face. Faith, hope, and love were all handed to me, and the greatest of these is love. I’ve come too far. There’s no surrender now. 


Kiss slowly.  Play hard.

Oaklyn:  That arrogant, loathsome bastard, leader of the Lost Boys, had the nerve to move to Avalanche.  Levon left behind his empire of sleaze to invade the tiny, sleepy town I’d decided to call home.  I wanted to get away from smut and abuse and into a fresh, innocent place where nobody knew my name, only to be followed right into my very house by the King of Corruption himself.

I could handle it if he was physically gruesome.  But he struts around with his muscles bulging and his cornflower blue eyes sparkling.  I’m a nurse, a practical, sensible gal.  But when Levon needs my help, I put away my pride and come running.  And he’s going to need a lot of help to go up against the dirtbag Avalanche mayor, blackmailing Levon with his shameful past.

Levon:  She’s proud, conceited, and holier-than-thou—everything I hate in a woman.  But maybe it’s been too long since I had one, because when she steps up to the plate to help me, I’m doomed.  I had to knock her down a few pegs once she knew I wanted her.  Joining the Assassins of Youth motorcycle club and giving Oaklyn a few sessions over my knee just seemed to increase her yearning, though.

She’s a sizzling hot tornado of a woman.  I need her to fight back against the fucking corrupt politicians in this town we’re trying to transform.  I might have come from a sordid, disgraceful background with my group of Lost Boys.  But I’m determined to move into the light and the purity that will make this town great.



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