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I just thought I'd share some new teasers with you for The Emerald Triangle, my new standalone sexy priest book coming November 26.

COVER REVEAL! The Emerald Triangle Book #1

Once again Natasha Snow has come through with an intriguing, sexy, and artsy cover for Book One in my priest saga!

There's Father Truman Burgess, coming all undone when he reunites with his high school flame, Simone Wharton, a murder suspect in the Emerald Triangle town of Cinnabar:
There is a magic about the forbidden that makes it utterly desirable.
Father Truman Burgess:  I broke my rules for her. Brought together again after ten years when a suspicious death has gossiping tongues wagging all across town, I don't want to believe what they're saying about Simone Wharton.  She was mine ten years ago and I crave her again now.  My adulterous desire would topple me again from my throne.  I've barely survived one scandal.  Can the citizens of Cinnabar forgive another one? Simone:  Truman has matured into a fine, mysterious, devoted man.  Unfortunately, he is eminently fuckable.  The white collar he wears is a continuous reminder how out of my reach he is.  I want to scream fro…

Cover Reveal!!

Phew!  Jewel Graphics came through again with a stunning cover for A WILD WICKED WEEKEND, Bent Zealots #4.

It's stupendous!  Attentive readers will note it's the same model I used on BARE BONES #1 and STAY VERTICAL #2.  I absolutely adore Bruno.  In A WILD WICKED WEEKEND he's playing Ogden Taliwood, Navajo half-breed, hot on the heels of a murderer.  It gets extremely BDSM-y in this book, so look out!
When they do right, no one remembers. When they do wrong, no one forgets.
HAVEN:  At forty-five, I was a washed-up racecar driver, a Daddy Dom who had searched the world over for his power bottom, his submissive.  Fuck, I was still a Prospect for the Bent Zealots MC.  That’s how I came to be in the clubhouse while most of them were raising hell at a Vegas rally.  Word came there was a stiff down on the Rez, and the Zealots were getting blamed for it.  My mission included a clownish reject from a rival club name of Mike Drop, and a mysterious half-breed who would change my life fo…

Read Chapter One of SHELTER FROM THE STORM--free!

Nogales, Arizona
“Run! Hijo de puta, run!” I had to blink and look twice.  Not just because a shower of cocaine was raining down on me from above.  My quarry, El Baño, had shot out a bunch of ceramic chollos stacked over my head.  This turned out to be where they were hiding their coke, as I found out when I painfully tried to rub it out of my eyes. “I mean it!” said the guy crouched down with me behind the crates of Mexican flowerpots.  “If you run out that door, I’ll distract him.” “Oh, wouldn’t you like that?” I sneered.  I was in no position to sneer, really, but I had no idea who this guy was.  I knew I’d come woefully unprepared for this shootout with members of the Presención cartel.  Thinking I’d just be taking out El Baño, alone in a darkened warehouse at one in the morning, it had suddenly turned into the grand opening of a new Disneyland exhibit, complete with fireworks and exciting, heart-pounding rides. I’d only brought my Springfield .45 semiautomatic with me.  …

SHELTER FROM THE STORM is live on Amazon!

SHELTER FROM THE STORM is live on Amazon (and free on Kindle Unlimited)!  The good reviews are rolling in.  Scott King was the perfect choice to portray the ginger Fox Isherwood--we had to redden his hair a bit for the cover.  I went crazy, as you can see, with PhotoFunia.

Read Chapter One of A LEAP IN THE DARK--Free!

CHAPTER ONE OAKLYN Bountiful, Utah Even as a seasoned nurse, I was horrified by what I saw at his house. By the age of thirty, Levon Rockell had amassed a small fortune preying on the innocence of others. At first, I loathed him. I’ll tell you why. He was a Lost Boy, one of those pitiful, heartbreaking teenagers ruthlessly dumped on the side of the road by those Cornucopia wingdings. As a Lost Boy with absolutely no idea of the outside world, he’d fallen on hard times. These Cornucopia parents, at the slightest mention from their whacked Prophet that maybe their boy had been seen wearing a short-sleeved shirt or watching a horror movie, raced to fling these misbegotten boys into their cars. With the assistance of the nearby Avalanche police, these miserable boys, children really, were driven into the desert and literally dumped by the side of the road without so much as a by-your-leave. Allred Chiles, their demented “Prophet” of the past thirty years, would dismiss them, basically sendi…

Take A LEAP IN THE DARK March 7!

A LEAP IN THE DARK, Book Two of THE ASSASSINS OF YOUTH MC series, will hit the shelves March 7th!

Kiss slowly.  Play hard.
Oaklyn:  That arrogant, loathsome bastard, leader of the Lost Boys, had the nerve to move to Avalanche.  Levon left behind his empire of sleaze to invade the tiny, sleepy town I’d decided to call home.  I wanted to get away from smut and abuse and into a fresh, innocent place where nobody knew my name, only to be followed right into my very house by the King of Corruption himself. I could handle it if he was physically gruesome.  But he struts around with his muscles bulging and his cornflower blue eyes sparkling.  I’m a nurse, a practical, sensible gal.  But when Levon needs my help, I put away my pride and come running.  And he’s going to need a lot of help to go up against the dirtbag Avalanche mayor, blackmailing Levon with his shameful past.
Levon:  She’s proud, conceited, and holier-than-thou—everything I hate in a woman.  But maybe it’s been too long since I ha…