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THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY is up on Goodreads!

Through A Glass, Darkly is up on Goodreads now!  Visit the page to add it to your TBR.  

Here's the rough draft blurb, as it stands right now:

I didn’t want to be born.  Something went wrong along the way, and I’ve been unsure about my purpose on this earth ever since.  If I was hit by a car, if I fell off a cliff, would anyone care?  Living in Cornucopia with my sister wives under the watchful eye of our husband, Allred Lee Chiles, has turned me into a robot, unable to feel or think for myself.  I’ve been looking through a cloudy glass, not trusting myself or others.

But a man came down from the mountains.  I’m captivated by Gideon Fortunati, his name expressing all that he is—keeper of my fate, master of reality, teacher of my future.  Gideon’s purifying power has enlightened me about my capabilities.  I don’t have to let The Prophet take my daughter and marry her off to that old man.  I was guilty of dirt and sin, but I can take my life back now.

I was exiled to this g…

Full Circle

I just found this prose poem I wrote in 1991 stuck in the pages of my favorite Langston Hughes poetry collection.  Funny trying to remember what I was talking about.  "My associates" were my high school friends.  We've been dropping like flies since we were kids.  "The old man with birth control glasses" was our teacher, John Staples.  I can pinpoint a few of the men I had relationships with--the paratrooper, the opera singer.  And I did love going to gospel shows.
What a funny memoir of how angsty and dramatic my head was at the time.

Full Circle
Full circle has come since the glacial steppes of my adolescence, where my associates wore funny furry hats and wrapped themselves in red cloaks emblazoned with the arcane symbol of our sect. The old man with birth control glasses is gone now, having met his end in Colorado, and many of us have driven headfirst into brick walls or otherwise stuck shotguns into our mouths or overdosed on steroids in log cabins in the moun…