Tuesday, October 13, 2015

R-Rated Excerpt from A LONE STRANGER, released 10-12-15

“Stupid kids,” was all Bond would say.  “Fucking spring break.”
“You never got a chance to go to college,” I said, tentatively.  I thought we’d started a good conversation the day before at Ormond’s.  We could certainly continue along that tack.  Bond didn’t seem to be aware that Turk had had an equally lousy childhood as he had.  He seemed to think Turk was rolling with some kind of sudsy reality family where Jim Bob Duggar would dispense with fatherly advice about dental cavities and wet dreams.  He somehow seemed to have gathered this vision of Turk’s adoptive home as a heavenly, squeaky clean TV set, not the lousy, dirty Party Central that it was.  “But Turk didn’t, either, and he was the smartest of the bunch of us, growing up.  He didn’t have the best home life, Bond.  I don’t know where you get your impression of Cropper Illuminati, but Turk wasn’t playing board games and roller skating.  He had it rough.”
“Sure,” snorted Bond.  “Cropper docked his allowance if he didn’t eat his broccoli.”
“I doubt they ever had broccoli.”  I was starting to lose patience with this man.  “I doubt they even knew what a fucking board game was, Bond.  That house was just as bad, if not more so, than any of your group homes.  You probably played Life or Trivial Pursuit a couple of times.”
“A couple of times, maybe,” Bond grudgingly admitted.  “I knew what they were.”

“Well Cropper had Turk and Ford stealing Walkmans from Radio Shack when they were ten.  He was handing them hits of four-way Windowpane as rewards.  Before he started Illuminati Trucking, they slept with buckets around their beds because no one could afford a new roof.  They rarely even made it to school, and luckily both got their GEDs because they kept up with book learning on their own.  He had them selling weed to seventh graders—their own friends!  Did you know that?”


A LONE STRANGER is up and running at Amazon!  My Bent Zealots currently have the #4 and #6 positions on the Erotica>Gay list.  I'm so proud of my boys!