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PLAYING WITH MONSTERS is live on Amazon!

PLAYING WITH MONSTERS is live on Amazon!

Excellent new teaser for PLAYING WITH MONSTERS

It's arriving soon, if I can find my glasses to edit the manuscript! The alleged release day is April 20th.  I'm blind as a bat and I'm using some glasses from 1999.  Average eyesight is 20-20 and mine s 20-200 so yeah, I'm blind!  I'm afraid to get that laser eye surgery.  The two peeps I've seen have it still have to wear glasses or learn toward the screen.

Here's my great new teaser!  More to come--I hope.

PLAYING WITH MONSTERS is up on Goodreads!

PLAYING WITH MONSTERS is up on Goodreads!  This is the 4th book in THE BARE BONES MC series.  This is a rough draft cover that is probably a little bit too sexy for Amazon, so that's not going up on there.  Release date is April 20th, God willing.

Giovanni Christo is the cover model, snapped by Island Graphics.
PLAYING WITH MONSTERS The Bare Bones #4 Roll like thunder.  Gone like smoke.
Roman Serpico has abandoned a thriving rock star career to prospect for The Bare Bones MC.  His goal: revenge on the cartel for his father’s murder.  His black soul is a writhing mass of venom and rage, and joining the club fuels his ability to wreak havoc.  His stepfather, the club’s lawyer Slushy, calls on him to save a stepsister Roman barely knows.  Nurse’s assistant Gudrun McGill has fallen in with a bad crowd and needs an emergency extrication…now.
Roman believes he’s killed Gudrun’s assailant, but the loathsome, murderous fugitive Riker has nine lives.  He lives to traffic in human flesh another …