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Some of the Bare Bones Scenery

Here are a few of the views from Ford "Torino" Illuminati's McMansion in Pure and Easy.  His house isn't too far from the airfield where their Citadel hangar is.  The Citadel is on a big old abandoned army airfield and here are some of their views.

Not bad for a bunch of rude, rebellious, law-breaking outlaws, huh?

New Book Cover Reveal!

I am over the moon to be able to reveal the book cover for my new venture, The Bare Bones.  It's the planned Book #1 in The Bare Bones MC series about—you guessed it—a motorcycle club in Arizona.

Poppy Designs created this custom look for my first foray into the underworld of MC outlaw justice.  It's completely fitting in all ways and gives a good picture of what to expect with the book.  Plus, he's simply the hottest model I've ever stumbled upon—sort of a scorchingly hot young Jeff Goldblum.  We worked long and hard—well, Poppy mostly did—to bring you this amazing book cover.