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THE BARE BONES is released on Amazon!

Finally, we've got a buylink for my baby, THE BARE BONES.  It looks like it's hauling ass over there, which is a huge relief.  I am dying to delve into starting book #2, Stay Vertical.   I can't until I get this promo and these nerves out of the way!  In the meantime...

Keep the dirty side down.

The Bare Bones is off to the Formatter!

Now The Bare Bones is winging its way to Thailand where Paul will format it with all sorts of cool fonts (that we don't have in Blogger) and even stick skulls at the end of each chapter.  Wahoo!  

So I'm probably looking at being able to upload it to Amazon Wednesday the 26th, almost a full week ahead of schedule.

While I'm waiting for Paul in Thailand, I've got the tough job of perusing potential models for Book #2 in The Bare Bones series.  I think the third one would get me banned by the mighty arm of the Amazon censor, so it's between the top two for now. 

In the meantime...Stay Vertical!

THE BARE BONES is off to the editor!

YIKES!  Let the nail-biting begin.  The Bare Bones is off to the editor, so theoretically I should be plotting out the sequel.  I've never worked with this editor before so I have no idea how furiously she's sitting there redlining my poor, misbegotten manuscript.  Slash/burn!

We'll find out soon enough.  In the meantime, an (unedited) excerpt follows.

FINAL Book Cover Reveal!

All right.  Red Poppy and I have been agonizing (and delighting) over this delicious stud for weeks.  It's time to finally put him to bed, so to speak, and allow him to flourish in all his mouth-watering greatness.  I give you...Ford Illuminati, Vice Prez of the Bare Bones MC (formerly known as "Jeff").

I can't believe how awesome this turned out.  Definitely my best book cover, by far.  Thanks, Red!

Ford Illuminati's House

Ford Illuminati's McMansion is on Mescal Mountain near the club's Citadel hangar.  Here are some views of Ford's place.  He's about to kick all the sweetbutts out to make room for Madison.