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They do not apologize for a damned thing.

VAN.  Revenge for the death of my lover led me west, out of the Appalachian holler where meth-making defined me. I was not that backwoods addict but a clean member of a motorcycle club where violence and mayhem prevailed. My only outlet was cruising the dating apps, and yes, catfishing juicy hunks under a fake profile. Some sleazery just never vanishes. But I was trying.

Hunt.  As an astrophysicist and family man, I was seemingly living the good life. But the persona I’d kept hidden for decades insisted on bursting forth. I needed to handle the crazy, so I came out to my wife and children. A heart attack showed me the path, and it led directly to the loving arms of Van Rossi, a down-to-earth fellow hillbilly. His rustic persona brought out the lusty, experimental side of me, and I’d follow him to any jackoff club at the end of the earth.

Van.  Dr. Mountjoy is beyond my redneck reach. I loathe myself for scamming such an upstanding academic—with such upstanding equipment.  My stunning archangel has dropped from heaven just for me, and I don’t deserve him. And when the Society’s Baggers come to blast the Bent Zealots MC, Hunt will see the real me. I’m not even brave enough to follow through on my revenge. How can this beautiful saint see anything in me at all? I have my whole life to apologize for, but he doesn’t need to apologize for a fucking thing.

Publisher’s Note: This book is not for the faint of heart. It contains scenes of graphic gay sex, illegal doings, consensual bondage and discipline, forced seduction, catfishing, rimming, teabagging, jackoff clubs, themes of Daddy dominance, and violence in general. It’s a full-length novel of 60,000 words. There is no cheating or cliffhangers, and there are HEAs for all.