THE BARE BONES MC Book #5 is on its way!

I'm about 55% done with the first draft of HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL, the 5th installment in The Bare Bones MC saga.  Meet Sax Saxonberg, exiled nomad brother of Leo, the Prez of the Flagstaff chapter.  

Yup, I'm using Jason Isaacs to model him, and since there are plenty of shirtless Jason Isaacs pix around, he's a perfect inspiration for my rough, tough mineralogist who travels the country until some vengeful Bare Bones sweetbutts call on him to hunt down their bounty, the evil Tony Tormenta, who has slashed one of their own.

Gratuitous Shirtless Pic

One of the angry sweetbutts is Beatrix "Bee" Hellman, a former novitiate at an abbey.  Currently disgruntled with the church, she's returned to open a gardening nursery and to hang with her former high school buddies.  Will her faith in humanity be restored by Sax's heroics?  

The combination of her innocence and experience drives Sax insane.  Bee is a nun, a camp counselor, and a trained bondage submissive all rolled into one. Her current Dom beats her and abuses her, and one of Sax's missions is to teach her there's a safe, sane, and consensual method to a BDSM power exchange.  And he's been dying to be topped by a wicked, nasty camp counselor...

COMING (probably) early July 2015.