Can I Get a Hell Yeah?

HELL YEAH!! I just typed "THE END" on A DANGEROUS REALITY!!  I woke up this morning with that great old R&B song "Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye" stuck in my head.  Then I realized why.  I didn't want to say goodbye to my brand new MC, THE BENT ZEALOTS!


We've got Turk, Twinkletoes, and Lock, and I've just fallen in love with them.  I recently manned the entire crew with more familiar faces:

That's Dipstick Hunziger, Rover Florkowski, and Hobie Cleminshaw, names courtesy of my father's Amherst alumni list, and Andrea's dog. 

So instead of being sad, I should be excited at this excellent start to a whole new chapter (and new charter) in the world of MC romance!  MM MC, I'm calling it.  It's not an end—it's a new beginning.