Wahoooo! THE BARE BONES is a major hit on Amazon!

Well it looks like my baby The Bare Bones is a massive hit over on  Amazon!  This goes beyond my wildest dreams to see it at #97 on the Contemporary Romance list!  It has exceeded even my biggest expectations and I want to thank all of the bloggers and reviewers who helped make it possible.

My friend Carol Adcock made this graphic for me:

Yes, Carol, I WILL be writing "Chapter One"...tomorrow!  I'm so lucky to be able to return to Pure & Easy, Arizona to check in with the men of the Bare Bones.  I fell so in love with Ford Illuminati that I decided to see what's up with his half-brother, another of the evil Cropper's spawn.

Tuesday I had a fun-filled Facebook book release party where I gave away some of these items:


Until then...Keep the dirty side down!