....is becoming, well, a dangerous reality.  I'm about 25% complete with my Turk Blackburn spinoff book which will be #1 in a new series.  So many people bugged me about wanting to know more about Turk's story I decided to spin him off into a new MC series.  In THE BARE BONES, we saw him mushing it up in the dispatcher's office at The Citadel, but Ford quickly shut the door on that one.  In STAY VERTICAL Lytton caught him in a compromising position with a teddy bear out in the back alley of the weed dispensary.  Lytton mentally filed that away under "Blackmail to Be Used Later."  Here is my image of the "impossibly beautiful" Turk Blackburn, Bare Bones' Veep:

Thanks, Tom Mison of SLEEPY HOLLOW, for lending your beauty!
Who is Turk?  What is he up to?  Will he ever come out of the closet?  In the dangerous and homophobic world of the MC, this is a life-threatening move to make, and Turk's been on the fence about it for years.