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More Teasers!

Here are two more teasers for A DANGEROUS REALITY.

We're getting there!  It's with my editor right now, so I am currently plotting out Book #2 which will be titled A GORGEOUS MESS.  One of the heroes will be Ormond Tangier, whom you will meet in a strange place, doing something strange, in A DANGEROUS REALITY.

Can I Get a Hell Yeah?

HELL YEAH!! I just typed "THE END" on A DANGEROUS REALITY!!  I woke up this morning with that great old R&B song "Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye" stuck in my head.  Then I realized why.  I didn't want to say goodbye to my brand new MC, THE BENT ZEALOTS!

We've got Turk, Twinkletoes, and Lock, and I've just fallen in love with them.  I recently manned the entire crew with more familiar faces:

That's Dipstick Hunziger, Rover Florkowski, and Hobie Cleminshaw, names courtesy of my father's Amherst alumni list, and Andrea's dog. 
So instead of being sad, I should be excited at this excellent start to a whole new chapter (and new charter) in the world of MC romance!  MM MC, I'm calling it.  It's not an end—it's a new beginning.


OK, it can now be shown!  Red Poppy has once again outdone herself, this time creating a whole fresh look for my new MM series, THE BENT ZEALOTS MC.  The cover model is Bobby Creighton, courtesy of James Williams and Island Male Graphics.  This is the aforementioned spin-off from THE BARE BONES MC for the beloved Turk Blackburn, who kept popping up in compromising positions throughout the series set in Pure and Easy.

Now Turk is tasked with looking for the rival who is selling crap weed under his trademarked name, so off he scoots to the Laughlin River Run on the Arizona/California border.  Most everyone is partying hearty at the annual motorcycle rally, but Turk is hot on the trail--and the pants--of one blond god, Lock Singer, member of the hated Assassins of Youth.

A Dangerous Reality By Layla Wolfe Book I of The Bent Zealots MC
Keep your lovers close—and your enemies in bed.
TURK My club sent me to track him down.  And when my mission was over, I never wanted another one again.  When I fo…


Image becoming, well, a dangerous reality.  I'm about 25% complete with my Turk Blackburn spinoff book which will be #1 in a new series.  So many people bugged me about wanting to know more about Turk's story I decided to spin him off into a new MC series.  In THE BARE BONES, we saw him mushing it up in the dispatcher's office at The Citadel, but Ford quickly shut the door on that one.  In STAY VERTICAL Lytton caught him in a compromising position with a teddy bear out in the back alley of the weed dispensary.  Lytton mentally filed that away under "Blackmail to Be Used Later."  Here is my image of the "impossibly beautiful" Turk Blackburn, Bare Bones' Veep:

Who is Turk?  What is he up to?  Will he ever come out of the closet?  In the dangerous and homophobic world of the MC, this is a life-threatening move to make, and Turk's been on the fence about it for years.

BAD TO THE BONES featured in USA Today!

Wahoo!  Robin Covington at USA Today has selected my book trailer for her weekly column.  She reports that:

"And on the completely opposite end of the sweet spectrum is the sexy trailer for Bad to the Bones by Layla Wolfe. The familiar-but-not-the-same guitar riff grabs you as soon as the video opens. The images are dark and broody and sexy and support the motorcycle club setting. And honestly ... any book that has a "perverse swami" and a heroine in the clutches of a cult is on my TBR list."

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Robin! 

BAD TO THE BONES is live on the 'zon!

BAD TO THE BONES is live on the 'zon!  Thanks to everyone for the wonderful outpouring of support.  And now I am off to hostess that two-day Facebook party.  The jet-setting lifestyle of a romance author never ceases!

THE BARE BONES is .99 at Amazon this Week!

The book that started it all, THE BARE BONES will be .99 all this week on Amazon in anticipation of Book #3's release on Wednesday. 

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Wahoo!  I just typed those two holy words, the sacred grail for all writers...THE END!  
The end, the end, the end!  The more times I type that, the weirder it looks.

Feels weird, too.  This is always one of the saddest times for a writer, saying goodbye to our little friends who have been by our side through thick and thin.  I started writing BAD TO THE BONES a couple days after my father's death, so Bellamy Jager became an even more melancholy and tragic figure than I had foreseen.  
But of course she's got her HEA now, so I should feel good about leaving her in the capable hands of The Bare Bones MC, those gallant criminals of Pure and Easy, Arizona.

Bad To The Bones Trailer

Paula Simoes Batista was kind enough to make me this amazing trailer!  This will somewhat fulfill my childhood dreams of becoming a famous director.  Francis Ford Coppola, watch it and weep!

BAD TO THE BONES Cover Reveal Time!

It hadn't been perfected yet, but I couldn't resist sharing what'll basically be the finished version of the book cover for BAD TO THE BONES.  Red Poppy outdid herself once again tweaking and massaging "Gorgeous" into shape.  This is the angst and turmoil of a cover artist, and it's a rough road to hoe, but someone's got to do it.  So I give you...

Knoxie Hammett, The Bare Bones' tattoo artist.  He's been living on the edge since the divorce he didn't want, acting in the club's Triple Exposure films and living over their bar and grill.  He gets a new lease on life when the lovely Bellamy Jager's life is in danger from a cult that has moved into the Boners' backyard. How do you like the transient, camping, nighttime feel?  Knoxie is about to ride faster than his guardian angel can fly.

BAD TO THE BONES coming September 20!

Don't ride faster than your guardian angel can fly. Meet Knoxie Hammett.  He's been The Bare Bones' tattoo artist for years.  He's just drifted through life living it large and performing in their Triple Exposure films.  Suddenly Knox has a reason to live and to want to prospect for them.   He'll need their help to rescue the lovely Bellamy Jager from the jaws of the cutthroat, warped cult leader who has been holding her hostage for all her adult life.  He'll need every one of his Bare Bones brothers and every ounce of bravery he can muster to pull off the most daring heist of his life. 

And it'll be worth every minute of it.

STAY VERTICAL goes live on the 'zon!

It's official!  Stay Vertical has gone live on Amazon!

Publisher’s Note:This is Book #2 in the Bare Bones MC series.This book is a stand-alone and can be read out of order.However, it is advised to read THE BARE BONES first to get a complete picture of the club’s background, storylines, and setting.
Publisher’s note:This is not your mother’s contemporary romance.Daring readers will encounter sexual assault, violence against women, general violence among men, consensual BDSM, and a HEA.It is not for the faint of heart. It’s a full length novel of 65,000 words with no cliffhanger.Recommended 18+ due to mature content.
One two three four five six seven.All good sinners go to heaven.
Peace Corps volunteer June Shellmound returns to Arizona to care for her dying mother.At the clubhouse of The Bare Bones motorcycle club, June is swept into the drama when half-breed Lytton Driving Hawk barges in and demands recognition as president Ford Illuminati’s half-brother.
Hot enough to melt steel, Lyt…

A Teaser for Lytton Driving Hawk


Snippet #1

I've been making these teaser snippets.  They're fun and give an idea of the flavor of things to come.  I hope you can read it.  Here is June Shellmound talking.


I've just written THE END on STAY VERTICAL's first draft.  This is always such a sad time, saying "goodbye" to the characters I've come to know and love.  Lytton Driving Hawk is an epic, alpha male of biblical proportions.  He learns and grows throughout the book as he falls for the innocent do-gooder, Madison Shellmound's sister June.

I get to proof it now, though, so they're still with me for a short while.

STAY VERTICAL coming May 19th!


Stay Vertical has a release date!

This is totally subject to change of course, seeing as how I'm currently 69% percent complete with the first draft.  I just adore this model so heavily I can't resist another chance to utilize him.

In the meantime you can still grab The Bare Bones #1 over on the 'zon.


I am beyond pleased to announce a cover reveal for Book #2 in The Bare Bones series, STAY VERTICAL.  Red Poppy and I simply could not let go of this scrummy cover model.  Since VERTICAL tells the story of Lytton Driving Hawk, Ford Illuminati's half-brother whose divided loyalties splinter the club, it was apropos to use "Jeff" again. 

Now we're just chagrined we can't use him a third time...Who knows?  That Cropper sure got around in his day. 

Okay, so now I can really advise everyone to keep the dirty side down!

Wahoooo! THE BARE BONES is a major hit on Amazon!

Well it looks like my baby The Bare Bones is a massive hit over on  Amazon!  This goes beyond my wildest dreams to see it at #97 on the Contemporary Romance list!  It has exceeded even my biggest expectations and I want to thank all of the bloggers and reviewers who helped make it possible.

My friend Carol Adcock made this graphic for me:

Yes, Carol, I WILL be writing "Chapter One"...tomorrow!  I'm so lucky to be able to return to Pure & Easy, Arizona to check in with the men of the Bare Bones.  I fell so in love with Ford Illuminati that I decided to see what's up with his half-brother, another of the evil Cropper's spawn.

Tuesday I had a fun-filled Facebook book release party where I gave away some of these items:

 and and

Until then...Keep the dirty side down!

THE BARE BONES is released on Amazon!

Finally, we've got a buylink for my baby, THE BARE BONES.  It looks like it's hauling ass over there, which is a huge relief.  I am dying to delve into starting book #2, Stay Vertical.   I can't until I get this promo and these nerves out of the way!  In the meantime...

Keep the dirty side down.

The Bare Bones is off to the Formatter!

Now The Bare Bones is winging its way to Thailand where Paul will format it with all sorts of cool fonts (that we don't have in Blogger) and even stick skulls at the end of each chapter.  Wahoo!  

So I'm probably looking at being able to upload it to Amazon Wednesday the 26th, almost a full week ahead of schedule.

While I'm waiting for Paul in Thailand, I've got the tough job of perusing potential models for Book #2 in The Bare Bones series.  I think the third one would get me banned by the mighty arm of the Amazon censor, so it's between the top two for now. 

In the meantime...Stay Vertical!

THE BARE BONES is off to the editor!

YIKES!  Let the nail-biting begin.  The Bare Bones is off to the editor, so theoretically I should be plotting out the sequel.  I've never worked with this editor before so I have no idea how furiously she's sitting there redlining my poor, misbegotten manuscript.  Slash/burn!

We'll find out soon enough.  In the meantime, an (unedited) excerpt follows.

FINAL Book Cover Reveal!

All right.  Red Poppy and I have been agonizing (and delighting) over this delicious stud for weeks.  It's time to finally put him to bed, so to speak, and allow him to flourish in all his mouth-watering greatness.  I give you...Ford Illuminati, Vice Prez of the Bare Bones MC (formerly known as "Jeff").

I can't believe how awesome this turned out.  Definitely my best book cover, by far.  Thanks, Red!

Ford Illuminati's House

Ford Illuminati's McMansion is on Mescal Mountain near the club's Citadel hangar.  Here are some views of Ford's place.  He's about to kick all the sweetbutts out to make room for Madison.

Some of the Bare Bones Scenery

Here are a few of the views from Ford "Torino" Illuminati's McMansion in Pure and Easy.  His house isn't too far from the airfield where their Citadel hangar is.  The Citadel is on a big old abandoned army airfield and here are some of their views.

Not bad for a bunch of rude, rebellious, law-breaking outlaws, huh?

New Book Cover Reveal!

I am over the moon to be able to reveal the book cover for my new venture, The Bare Bones.  It's the planned Book #1 in The Bare Bones MC series about—you guessed it—a motorcycle club in Arizona.

Poppy Designs created this custom look for my first foray into the underworld of MC outlaw justice.  It's completely fitting in all ways and gives a good picture of what to expect with the book.  Plus, he's simply the hottest model I've ever stumbled upon—sort of a scorchingly hot young Jeff Goldblum.  We worked long and hard—well, Poppy mostly did—to bring you this amazing book cover.